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Doyle Davies is the oldest independent practice of corporate rescue and recovery specialists in South Wales.

We provide a full range of corporate rescue and recovery services to organisations ranging from large companies to individuals encountering business difficulties. Whatever the size of the problem, the same approach and service level is applied. Our emphasis is to try to rescue the business and we have a team of dedicated professionals who pride themselves on providing personal advice and turning potential terminal business failures into viable solutions through a range of formal and informal business rescue mechanisms.

Doyle Davies was founded in 1954 and the firm enjoys a reputation of excellence with financial institutions, professional advisers, creditors and all parties involved with corporate rescue and recovery.

Brendan Doyle is an Insolvency Practitioner Licensed and Authorised by The Insolvency Practitioners Association in the U.K.

Dean Collins is a qualified Insolvency Practitioner and a member of The Insolvency Practitioners Association in the U.K.

Doyle Davies is the trading name of Doyle Davies Consultancy Limited - Company Number 02703348


All insolvency practitioners have to comply with Statement of Insolvency Practice Number 9 (SIP 9) in relation to any fees drawn from insolvency cases. Please click here to view SIP 9 in its entirety.

Creditors' guides to:

- Administrators Fees

- Liquidators Fees

- Trustee in Bankruptcy Fees and

- Insolvency Practitioners Fees in respect of Voluntary Arrangements

can be found at appendix C to SIP 9.